I love bringing fresh eye to a manuscript and listening to what the work wants to be. The draft knows. All answers are within it. My tips might concern structure, point of view, tone and any other elements of craft that might help the writer to realize the work's intention. 

manuscript consultation and developmental editing


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Leslie has the gift of helping writers more clearly see their own writing--both what they are presenting on the page, and what it could be. Her knowledge of the work of writing and editing is extensive, well informed, and in itself edifying. She is truly interested in and respectful towards any manuscript she edits, affirming the effort that has already gone into the creation of the work, and uplifting the revision process. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Leslie on my own writing, and of watching her work with other writers, and I highly recommend having her in your corner.     
- David McClelland,  Novelist

Whoever said you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, never met Leslie. I'm glad I did. Leslie has transformed my writing. I cannot recommend her or praise her highly enough.        -Kristofer Allerfeldt, Historian

Leslie Maslow is a superb editor. She births dormant intentions. She anticipates overall gestalt. I highly recommend Leslie to all writers, at any stage of their careers who want to improve their work. From story structure to the functions of individual characters, her narrative vision is simply unparalleled.  -Rob Magnuson Smith, Novelist

Leslie was amazing. I had been working on my book for years when we began working together. With near psychic abilities, she was able to understand what I intended for my book and helped me unlock my book's spiritual center. My background is as a conceptual artist. Leslie helped me to give structure to my idiosyncratic brand of layering. I really felt like I had a teammate. Our collaboration was critical to reaching the story's final destination. I am eternally grateful and would recommend working with Leslie to anyone looking to refine a novel.  -Kathleen Griffin, Novelist